My Services


  • Monthly/Annual processing of accounting records on accounting software
  • Reconciliation of bank statements, debtors and creditors
  • VAT reconciliations and submission of VAT201 returns to SARS
  • Preparing of management reports and budgets
  • Assisting with implementation of accounting systems and software
  • Preparing of financial statements in terms of required standards for individuals, partnerships, trusts, close corporations and companies
  • Perform independent reviews for Companies
  • Perform other agreed upon engagements in business and financial services



  • Tax registrations for all entities (Income tax, Value-added tax, PAYE, UIF, SDL)
  • Completion and submission of provisional tax and annual income tax returns to SARS
  • Tax Clearance Certificates
  • Objections and Appeals to SARS
  • Registration on SARS E-filing and maintenance of details
  • Assistance with and advise on all taxation types
  • Tax planning



  • Processing of monthly salaries and wages (including calculation of fringe benefits, deductions etc.)
  • Preparing of pay slips
  • Calculation of PAYE, UIF and SDL
  • Completion of monthly EMP201 returns and submission to SARS
  • Completion and submission of employer reconciliations (EMP501 returns), and generation of IRP5 and IT3 certificates
  • Advice and assistance with all payroll related affairs
  • Registration with the Compensation Commissioner and calculation and submission of WCA


Company and Secretarial Services:

  • Registration and de-registration of companies
  • Conversion of close corporations to companies
  • Amendments to directors, shareholders, company name, year-end and other details
  • Submission of Annual Returns to CIPC


Business and Advisory:

  • Interpret financial reports and suggest solutions to problems
  • Assist with strategy planning and execution
  • Assist in the formulation of business plans and financial forecasts
  • Help control costs through cost accounting
  • Assist in identifying and managing risks
  • Advise on suitable business structures
  • Perform business or business unit valuations
  • Advise on relevant regulations – Human Resource, safety and environmental